Absolute performance in %

Hello everybody,

I tried searching the forum for an answer. Maybe it’s not answered yet, or maybe my German is not good enough.

But is there a way to show the “Absolute performance %” in:

  • the performance dashboard
  • the performance chart
  • Historical returns and volatility chart

I was a able to add it to the “security performance” chart and I prefer this calculation instead of TWROR or the IRR.

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In the dashboard, right-click > new widget > Performance > True Time…

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All three show the True-Time Weighted Rate of Return (TTWRR).
On the dashboard and on the returns and volatility chart you can also use the internal rate of return (IRR).

The “Absolute performance %” is only available as column in the “Statement of assets” and “Performance → Securities”.

Check the tooltip of those columns to get some information about how the value is calculated (and its limitations - if there are multiple purchases and sales).

When assessing individual investments (e.g. you bought one stock), I find the IRR better because it includes the timing (you decided when to buy and sell the stock).