Adjusted value for EODHistoricalData source


Thanks for your amazing tool.

I would like to know if it was possible to obtain the adjusted close value for stocks with EODhistoricalData source.

When I go to historical quote and help, I can see the column adjusted_cose but not in the tab below.

Also is it possible to modify old data and to let them while only refreshing new data?

Thanks a lot!

The is not supported out of the box.

However, I think you can use the generic JSON quote provider (the document is in German, but I think you will get the gist). Basically, you provide JsonPath expressions to tell PP which attributes you want to use.

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Thanks for your quick answer, it looks like I can’t go on the webpage but it’s maybe a temporal issue

I linked this page because it allow for testing the Json path expressions.
But apparently, it does not work anymore. :unamused:

Just play around with the expressions. The format is something like this $.data[*].date. It always starts with a $. And the [*] must be there where the list/array of the dates or prices is.

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Look for the values you are interested in, change the leading β€œx.” into β€œ$.” and (in this example) the left β€œ[num]” into β€œ[*]”.

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Thanks a lot!

If it worked, can you post the configuration here - for future reference and other fellow users?

Sure here it is (in french sorry)

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