Auto update quotes from CSV files


Firslty, I would like to say that your soft is very usefull for me. I’m a real fan ansd use it all the time to follow my investments result !

For this reason, I would like to suggest you to add a new feature around CSV quotes files. As you know, you offer the possibility to import Quotes from a CSV file. But I see that this is impossible to have an auto update quotes from the same CSV file.

Is it possible to add this feature to allow automatic update your quotes from the same CSV files that you used to import your quotes ?

This is very important feature when you are sharing your CSV files like me with others softs (for me, I share it with my trading soft).

Thanks in advance.

Nice idea. Maybe one could configure the URL file:///path/to file and then run the CSV import on that. Noted.

Do not forget that for a full automated update, you need also to associate a saved layout file format ;-).