Blocking period for accounts (e.g. insurance)

In France (and I think this is the case in others European countries), you have different accounts type (Life insurance, trading account, retirement investment…). Some of account type (ex. : Life insurance) has a minimum holding period before you can remove your cash.

This can be interesting to add features to take into account this in your soft. I think about this :

  • associate to an account the blocking period date
  • for deposit, add the possibility to add a blocking period date
  • add a new report to see percentage of your account valuation which are blocked
  • add a new report to see by calendar date, availability of your account/cash/investment

Thanks in advance.

Well, you could create a custom column (in the settings of the file) and at note down the date. For now, however, it is not possible to run any reports based on this data.

Is the whole account „blocked“? Then maybe you could create a taxonomy with different classifications (say „blocked until 2025“ and „blocked until 2030“) and then try to run reports on that.

Thanks for your answer. I will use your suggestion and hope that in a new version, you will be able to make a report with extra attributes.

There is two type of blocking period depending of the type of account. For a life insurance, this is linked to the first date of your deposit. So, your suggestion will work without problem.

But for some others accounts, the blocking period is linked to the deposit. Each deposit has a blocking period which starts at the date of your deposit. For this reason, you need to have a calendar to see when you will have the possibility to have your money back.

PS : I have created an attribute date as you suggested. But when I try to data entry a date, I have all the time an error : not a valid date. for example, I try 01/01/2020

I found the correct format to data entry the date : AAAA - MM - DD. If you can clarify the error message in a future version, it can be helpful for users