Calculation for Absolute Perf and display of total capital invested

How is Absolute Perf in Statement of Assets being calculated?

Also is there a way to display the actual total capital invested ?
From what I have found, only Purchase Value & Market Value is shown.

Ad Absolute Perf: Market_value - Purchase_value + Dividends - Taxes
You should see the same in the ā€œSecuritiesā€ tab.

Ad total capital invested: You can add ā€œInvested capitalā€ in the Chat tab under Statement of Asset.

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Thanks for the reply!

Hmm I do not have dividends and taxes. So the Absolute Perf should be the same value as Profit/Loss. But there are some differences in value.

Let me try to hunt down the differenceā€¦

I found ā€˜Invested Capitalā€™ under Performance, but it takes into account both buy & sell. This is accurate, but I actually wanted to know the exact amount invested aka only the Buy transactionsā€¦
I can simply export all transactions and use Excel to calculate this value I guess :slight_smile: