Change reference account

When creating a new Securities Account (for a second Broker), the Reference Account is already filled and not changeable. When adding transactions, I can state that the transaction is against another broker, but I would like to see that the Reference account links to the belonging broker for that securities account. Any ideas where to change this?

Dear Ronny,

at first you need to create a second account and at step two you could change via in place DropDown the assignment between the accounts.


Hey Ronny,

when you want to link a reference account to a securities accout during creation the reference account has to exist prior to creating the the securities account.

You can change the reference account for an existing security account in the „Securities Accounts“ overview by double clicking on the reference account of the securities account in question.


I hope this helped

Ups, Regas was quicker

Hi both,

thanks for replying. I now see how it works! I wasnt aware that I had to click the reference-account field to enable the dropdown (was expecting a dropdown symbol on hovering :wink: ).


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