Change unit cost price

Hello, my unit cost price for a line is different from that given by my broker, how can I change it? thank you

You can’t; it is calculated from your transactions.

First, you need to understand why it differs then look at ways of reflecting the difference in the data.

I actually compared all the transactions that are available to me and I did not find any discrepancy between my broker and portfolio🤔

Then post two screenshots and let us compare.

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Maybe your broker is calculating transaction fees into the purchase price of your security?
(Which PP does not. But its calculated in the purchase value of course.)

If all transactions in PP are accurate a decimal difference wouldn’t bother me at all. Not every broker or tool calculates the same way. :wink:

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Everything is back to normal??, I haven’t done anything, and the breakdown is the same as my broker. Thank you for your answers.