Classic percentage for the performance KPI


Do you plan to add for the performance calculation a basic percentage?

Let’s say I buy for 1000€ at time T, and at time T+1 the market value is now worth 1100€ : I’d like to have somewhere in the tool the possibility to add an indicator / performance criteria displaying +10%.

At the moment, I believe only the ‘true time-weighted rate of return’ is available?


i’m surprised : no one else wants this ?

“Absolute Performance” in % should do the job. It also takes distributions into account.

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hello man, it does help for sure, thanks

At the moment, I have added this column absolute performance in % in “statement of assets”, so I do see for each share the %

But now, I’d like to have this % for my whole security account (which is composed of shares), not only the % on the shares inside ; is this possible ?

if yes, where ? maybe in the performance dashboard ?

thanks in advance for the help