Currency conversion for securities listed in GBX

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I’m a private investor in the UK and I’ve taken the plunge to try out Portfolio Performance and upload my years of trades. I’ve added Securities in GBX (as that is how they are quoted on Yahoo) and added my Deposit Accounts in GBP.

When I add a Buy, I convert the trade from GBX into GBP which is essentially just dividing the quote by 100. The result is that the Deposit Accounts all look fine, with the Balance being reported in GBP, however my problem is that with Securities Accounts, the ‘Volume of Security Deposits’ is off by a factor of 100, as is the Market Value in the Statement of Assets - these are obviously using the GBX quote and the number of Shares to give the market value.

Is there any way to make this work so that the quotes can be obtained in GBX, but the reporting for the market value in the Securities Accounts and Statement of Assets is in GBP?

Any help is gratefully received!

Portfolio Performance assumes that the quotes and transactions are done in the currency configured with the security. The currency of the cash account can be different.

You either configure the GBX for the security and record the trade in GBX.
Or you configure the security in GBP and also record the trade in GBP.

The security has GBX as currency:

Bildschirm­foto 2022-12-03 um 08.08.10

When entering transactions, you have the currency conversion:

Then the statement of assets can show you the valuation in GBP (or any other currency):

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Hi Andreas,

Thank you for your quick response and explanation - the problem as it turns out was that some London listed ETF’s (VWRL.L, VAGS.L etc.) are for some reason quoted on Yahoo in GBP rather than GBX. To resolve I’ve just switched the currency to GBP for those particular securities and it’s working great.

Keep up the good work, and I’m excited to see the full functionality of PP in action!

Thanks again,