Customizable bollinger bands

I’m Sorry guys I don’t speak German. I love this software, great work! I want to ask, is it possible to display customized bollinger bands. I know I can display standard bollinger bands. But what If i want to display 100 day 3 standard deviation Bollinger bands, for example?

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Today, the Bollinger bands are not customizable. Looking at the code (contributed by @Ragas) it might be fairly easy to add more (pre-defined) bands - say 100 days. It looks to me that by default a 20 day 2 standard deviation is used. What do you think @Ragas - extend it similar to the SMA lines?

Well basically tue Bollinger Bands could be used configured with different parameters. So it’s easy extendable to further criteria. However I’m not sure how to set up this in PP as from user perspective it does not make any sense to multiply the entries at the designated menu.

My first thought is a popup for configuring both BB parameters. The average prices could might get the same days which are present at the moving average prices and the factor could be free set.

On the other hand the menu could get a further tree for choosing the option.

Nevertheless I’m not sure which way is the best practice :thinking:

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Thanks guys! I think I perfer a pop-up box that asks the user to specify the paramaters of the bollinger bands. But a menue tree would work too. Either way I would absolutely love this feature. At the moment I am having to use other software to get this feature (StockMarketEye). But StockMarketEye is not open source so I would love to uninstall it.