Date of purchase lost


I am a new user, and would like to get your advice: my broker was taken over last year (Keytrade bank → Swissquote), so I lost the archived transactions so I no longer have the dates of purchase of my stocks or dividends dates…

Of course, in the new platform I still have the average price of purchase.

What would you recommend to properly record my stocks in PP ? What kind of dates should I use to avoid too many issues in return calculation ?

Thanks in advance.

Hey blusat,

don’t you have the statements of your account anymore from which the money was taken for the purchases and where the money went from the dividends? At least these values would give a quite accurate picture of the reality.

Thanks for the idea Harry,

I thought about that as well but unfortunately, the statements were in the same platform that died (and I did not print the detailed statements - my bad).

That is a pitty