Difference between market value in Degiro vs PP

Hi all. I’m new to this software so I’m still navigating my way around it and trying to figure everything out. One question I have for the moment is the market value in Degiro vs what’s showing in PP. I have a difference between the two. Is there any way to reflect what my actual portfolio value is in PP?

The base currency is EUR and I have stocks in USD/EUR/GBP.


Most likely, Degiro is using different quotes (different exchange or different time) and/or different exchange rates.

Thanks chirlu. Is there a way to have the P/L figure in the Statement of Assets matching that showing in Degiro?

I’m looking at it again today and see that there’s a 15% difference between the market value in PP vs that in Degiro. Is there a way to bridge this gap a little closer so that PP is more of a true reflection of my actual position?


Well, 15% is a bit much. Only thing you can do is to compare the prices between PP and Degiro in order to find out which stocks are causing the difference; and then to check whether there are any problems with the quotes used by PP and Degiro.

Thanks @chirlu. It’s still an issue for me. And it’s across all stocks, not just one or two. For example, I can see now that DIS in Degiro is at 154.29 and in PP it’s 154.16. How can I manipulate the figures in PP to show 154.29? Because that’s what’s causing the issue for me.

Uh, that’s a difference of 0.08% – not 15%. :wink:

It all depends on the source for your quotes. 154.16 was the closing price at NYSE today, so that’s apparently what you’ve configured PP to use (and it’s probably not a bad choice). If you insist on mimicking Degiro exactly, you need to find out which source it is using, then tell PP about it.

Ha, it has been 15% for other stocks but I just picked that one at random.

I’m not sure exactly where the quote is coming in from. I went in to edit and checked the latest quote tab, and under ‘provider’ it says “(same as historical quotes)”. Is there a way to pull in the quote from Degiro or another manual way to upload the Degiro quotes?

I’m not sure exactly where the quote is coming in from. I went in to edit and checked the latest quote tab, and under ‘provider’ it says “(same as historical quotes)”.

I would look at the „historical quotes“ tab, then :wink:
But a difference of about 15% sounds more like a currency issue. For example, the quotes in Degiro are all in EUR and your quotes in PP are all in USD.
Which currency is set for the affected stocks in PP?

A 15 % offset really is big but keep in mind that in some cases the source for quotes does not carry the correct price at some days.

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Ha - still getting used to this software so forgive the simple mistakes I’m making here. Under the ‘historical quotes’, for DIS the provider is Yahoo Finance and the exchange is DIS (default).

My base currency is EUR and under the ‘Security Master Data’ tab the currency is USD.

Kindly keep also in mind, that even that you are specify a currency for a security, the currency for the retrieved prices might be different. So if you assign EUR as security currency and Yahoo’s currency is USD, the price is handled in security currency instead quote currency without exchange rate.


Just to illustrate my point, I logged into my account just now and took the below screenshots. I guess the difference isn’t huge but still it all adds up and overall my portfolio is showing a significant difference in my opinion.

Well, here you have exactly the same same price of $ 287.28, or $ 4390.20 in total. The difference is just in the exchange rate, where Degiro apparently uses 1.1202 or so, while PP uses the latest rate from the ECB, which is 1.1259. The difference is relatively big (0.5%) because EUR/USD is so volatile at the moment. But you certainly will never get anywhere near 15%.

Thanks @chirlu. That makes sense now for those stocks showing the same close price.

So I have cross checked the EUR purchase price amounts (as this is my base rate) in PP against the purchase price in Degiro and everything matches.

I think the issue for most of my holdings is that Degiro is showing the latest price and not the close price, whereas PP is using the close price. Is there any way for me to rectify this? I mean it’s okay some days (20 EUR of a difference) but over the weekend it’s showing a difference of 100 EUR overall for my portfolio.