Difference between "Profit / Loss" and "Abs. Perf. 10 years"?


I buy xxx since 2021.
In the Statement of Assets view, “Profit / Loss” show “101.03€” and “Abs.Perf. 10 years” show “61.43€”

Witch one is the real profit I made ?

  • Market Value : 802.90
  • Purchase Value : 701.87
    → Difference : 101.03

Why is there is a difference ? I would understand if I was buying for more than 10 years but it’s not the case.

How is calculated Abs.Perf. 10 years ?

thank you

What is the reporting period that you’ve selected?

is it here ? if yes, 10 years

Edit : look like it’s not here, when I select “1 month” it doesn’t change the values
I don’t see where you select a period for this table

The period of the table you typically change through an icon in the top right corner of the screen. I recal it could be a funnel icon.

I don’t see any option :frowning:


The box should be full of options. Does the text appear when you hover the mouse over the drop down box? Does text appera in that box if you change PP to dark mode?

Right click on the header row of your Absolute Performance column.
Btw, I’ve deviations of up to >30% between the two for the same time period.