Different files when auto-saving

Why is the program auto-saving in two different files (.xml and .autosave.xml)?
Consequently, the original file (.xml) is not overridden with the updated data and one needs to save it manually which generating the annoying pop-up of saving the unsaved changes.

Would not be better to use and save just one file and avoid generating two version of the XML file? Since I don’t find useful this behaviour sincerely, as that behaves more as a backup file rather than save the file automatically.

Is there a way to fix this behaviour manually?
For instance, by changing somewhere (e.g., in \AppData\Local.…) the suffix added in the saved file?

Imagine you accidentally delete something and it’s immediately auto-saved …

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Yes, I partially got the point. Yes, auto-saving might have this drawback, but:

  • The saving interval is a parameter that can be decided by the user, therefore can be up to the user decide the “risk level” of this situation (Preferences > Backup > autosave copy every X minutes). And the minimum interval seems to be 1 minute and I don’t think one can make too many damages in just one minute;

  • This risk is covered by backups. So, what is the difference between “.autosave.xml” and “.backup.xml”? To my mind these two are duplicated ways to carry out backups without providing a real auto-saving function.

The backup is only created when manually saving. (There is also backup-after-open, which is made when a file was successfully opened.)

So, where can I change this behaviour manually?

I mean editing or removing the prefix ‘autosave’ for instance in some setting files (e.g., those placed in the Local app data folder) or by changing a code part in my local installation.