Different performance plotted for same index


Please, take a look at the attached screenshots below. There is something wrong when plotting the same data (AEXGR.AS) in two different accounts. It results in different percentages at the end of the time period. Notice the yellow markings…

Hope, this issue can be fixed. I’m in love with the program, so keep up the good work. Thank you in advance.

Good morning Wietse-0803,

did you buy the securities at the same time? Did you consider all your costs in both cases?

Have fun


It has nothing to do with costs etc. because it’s a benchmark.

Sure? Please compare both charts in full screen views. Is there still a difference?

Ich denke schon, dass man es auch so erkennt, alleine die Startlinie liegt deutlich auf unterschiedlichen Werten (23-24% vs < 22%).

I’m sure it’s a bug, also in fullscreen.
I’ve made two screenshots with the real values (click on it for enlargement), it only occurs with this index as you can see (29,72% vs. 27,7% same dataset, starting on 2nd of August)…

Fascinating </Spockmode=Off>
With Bildschirmfoto_2019-10-24_14-48-47 you can export the datasets from AEX GR.
Is there a diff between the AEX GR Datasets from W*/G*-.xml?

Maybe the wrong questions but I have no others ;-(

EDIT: What happens if you change the viewing time from 2019 to „since 03.08.2019“?

I estimate that you’ve choose Yahoo Finance as source to get historic and last price information :thinking:

If so I assume that the quoted price in both files are slightly different, because as Yahoo provide the latest price without historical prices it’seems possible that you do not have the same information synchronised in both accounts due to different time slots. Did you have compared both files?

I guess you should try more stable prices by utilising https://de.investing.com/indices/aex-gross-tr-historical-data


No, that’s also not the reason, AEX GR is also not fluctuating that much ;).
I solved the problem by adding the value for AEX GR at the start of the selected period (in this case 2019). I think there was a floating reference. Now, it’s strictly defined and the percentage is displayed well on both accounts. Thank you all for the given input.

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