How to enter taxes for accumulating ETFs?


First, thanks for this great tool!
I’m a beginner in investments and I started using Flatex (AT) a few months ago. I managed to import all the purchase certificates from Flatex into PP.

Recently, one of my ETFs (MSCI EM Acc) reported the gains and I got a document from Flatex (Ertragsmitteilung - thesaurierender transparenter Fonds) which states:

  • The gain per unit (Bruttothesaurierung pro Stück)
  • How much I got (Stuck * Bruttothesaurierung)
  • The tax I had to pay

Since this is an accumulating ETF, there were no increase in share numbers. Instead, the price increased. I can see this on Flatex where they „sell“ the shares with the initial price, then buy again with the new price, calculated after the distribution.

I’m wondering if there is a way I can enter this information on PP. I read several other similar posts (in German) but I couldn’t understand it properly. Also, most of them were from 2017, so not sure if the new versions have different features.

What I ultimately wanted to do is: Log the taxes, but also the price increase on the shares I have. If this is not possible, what is the current best way to do this?

If something is not clear, please let me know.