I cannot add “AXA Trésor Court Terme C” (0P00000F24.F)

When I try to add this fund AXA Trésor Court Terme C (0P00000F24.F) it does not allow me, why? is it possible to fix it? how?

Thank you

Well, the ISIN is might be FR0000447823 rather than the symbol 0P00000F24.

It does not matter how, the problem is that you cannot click on Apply, it is desactivated, however for the AXA Tresor… “D” instead of C you can click on apply, I do not know why, it is the first time it happens to me with a fund

Did you’ve checked if the security was already created somehow in the past? PP checked existence based on ISIN, WKN and/or symbol which could be the root cause for this behaviour.


How can I check that?