Import from Saxobank Denmark

Complete new user here, I have several positions on Saxobank builded through the last decade. How can I import from there, since the manual work would take months to do.

Thanks in advance :blush:

Share a anonmized PDF Export. You can have a look into this video, it explains the process:

PDF-Dokumente für die Fehlersuche extrahieren


Thanks for this - so I need to re-edit the text file and upload it here since Saxobank DK is not supported in Portfolio-performance ?

Hallo @Callahan75
not yet at this time. But we would create a PDF importer so that PP supports your documents / the bank. To do this we will need PDF debugs of purchases, sales, dividends, postings, withdrawals, account statements, fees… anything you can provide we will review and implement.

Please remember not to change the numbers, amounts etc. Exclusively anonymize your personal information.


Thanks a lot, I have 130 pages PDF file converted to text. where should I send it or where do I Upload it?

Hallo @Callahan75

To start the Importer… only 2 or 3 examples per transaction

TradesExecuted_8455215_2022-08-01_2022-08-04.pdf.txt (3.3 KB)
Here is the Trades Executed bought/Sold

ShareDividends_8455215_2022-08-01_2022-08-04.pdf.txt (1.4 KB)

All Transactions the first 4 days here in August
Transactions_8455215_2022-08-01_2022-08-05.pdf.txt (3.4 KB)

Hallo @Callahan75
I have looked at your PDF debugs. I would like to implement the PDF importer. As with any new importer, I have some questions first and I need your support. :+1:

Trades Executed bought/Sold

Are there PDF’s that show the single purchases and sales?
I don’t see any taxes or fees in this document. :thinking:

SL Green Realty Corp. (ISIN: US78440X887... 04-Aug-2022 Købt Åben 8 47.5084 -380.07 -383.07

The ISIN is also abbreviated with “…”. Is this normal or have you changed this? :face_with_monocle:
Are the contents, except for the anonymization of the documents, really complete?


In the trade pdf document there were several accounts (DKK, USD …) for the respective currencies. Do these exist for dividends as well? It looks to me like these are paid out in DKK. Is this correct? Here I also miss possibly existing fees, taxes and withholding taxes.
Are these two different documents in each case? So for purchases and sales, and for dividends?
Or did you compile the PDF documents yourself?
If yes, then this is not good and I can not use them like this.
Please just post the documents completely and in full (anonymized) here as a text file or as formatted text.


What is the difference with the other PDF documents?
Is this a complete summary per quarter?

If it is possible, can you email me 2 or 3 documents? Of course, these will be treated confidentially and deleted afterwards. I would like to understand the documents in the best possible way.
“webmaster at nirus-online dot de” or you send them to
“portfolio dot performance dot help at gmail dot com”
Please write “PDF-Debug @ Nirus” in the subject line of both email addresses.


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Hello @Callahan75
Could you already find time to answer my questions for the PDF importer?