Importing stock that are not listed in traditional sources

I have some stocks like SGBJAN26, this is not listed in any of our sources given in PP. And the prices are available here :

  1. When I try to use the table option, nothing comes up.
  2. I tried adding this source in the “Settings” under Bookmarks as below{tickerSymbol}
    This link works when I right click on the security and I get to chose this link. But this link does not come in the drop down as a Quote provider while setting up the historical quotes
  3. I tried to “Link to Portfolio Report” by right clicking this and it says invalid URL and the URL it shows is “

Please suggest some options
Fantastic Tool helping so many of us


Maybe you can use the data-link from
The data-link is

Search the forum for JSON maybe it helps

EDIT: Sorry, I have not seen that you are talking about historical quotes - above is for actual quotes

I have found

Kann hier mal ein JSON-Auskenner gucken wie die JSON-Pfade zu Datum (CH_TIMESTAMP) und Kurs (CH_CLOSING_PRICE) zu setzten sind? Datumsformat müsste yyyy-MM-dd sein.

Can someone who knows JSON better than me check how to set the JSON paths to date and closing-quote?

Much appreciated Prog!!, waiting for any of our JSON champions to help me out on this

Even if an option is there to fetch the closing price, that would be really great

$data[*].CH_TIMESTAMP and $data[*].CH_CLOSING_PRICE should probably work :thinking:

Sorry to say, I could not get it worked. The date format is given, did not work. I removed the date format, still it did not work. Another thing is, when I click on the “Show server response” I get blank !!. But when I paste the URL in webpage I get all the details properly
URL used -
What am I missing ??

NSE India has protected their API for unauthorised access, because when I try it, firstly I get figures but next time the server refuse the request.

Thanks so much. Guess that explains, why it is not working. Would appreciate if you can help on this one
URL is -
And the server gives the response just like when we paste it in the browser, but still I can not make it work.

I made some progress and am stuck at the date format. I am getting the date as 25 Nov 21 | 16:00, and when I give MMM for month, program is giving error message as below, where it is not even reading the MMM, it seems it recognizes only a numeric for month
Can I someone please help
The Api I used for this is :