Interactive Brokers import

Can someone provide exact instructions for importing Interactive Brokers activity statements for an account that is over 4 years old? (So, it’s not one of those Lite accounts.)

Without an ability to import data this application seems completely useless.

Similarly, I don’t see why I need to manually define stock symbols like V (for Visa).

With a „Please“ would be a nicer question…

Well, don’t use it. Easy!

Again, don’t do it! Just take some other software that automatically read your mind and put the Visa stocks in your portfolio… of course, with the correct number of shares!!!


Well, either nobody is using Interactive Brokers here, which seems unlikely, or I don’t get why someone would go through the trouble of manually defining a whole history of investment events (because that’s what computers are for).

I don’t really see how you acting like this contributes to a better experience for forum participants, let alone a new user like myself.

A piece of software like this could automatically read portfolio data from an existing stock brokers account directly.

As you call into the forest, so it echoes out.

Write a parser.

Look Trad, I don’t want to be rude with you. I’m very new in this forum and with this software and I don’t feel like I must tell you what to do but, said that I’m very surprise about your „tone“ asking help. Saying that the software is useless because you don’t understand it or why you must do that or that doesn’t help to get help.

The people who make this software spend hours and hours programming, testing and giving the community a great FREE software. The least we have to show is respect and thanks.

In the forums, when you ask for help, you should be a little more humble.

Anyway, you have not done your research job correctly because in the forum there is a complete thread about IB that although it is in German, using an online translator you could get a lot of information.

One information from my side. All import interfaces are mostly based on user feedback. Because as this is a free of charge project, the brokers themselves does not share related documents.

Nevertheless for IB the import in PP utilized the IB Flex Query and should be able to parse the following parameters;