Invested Capital Since first transaction widget decreases on interest

I have a fund with an initial capital $2000. This fund generates 2% of interest monthly.
The monthly interest could not been reinvested, for that reason, it must be retired in a monthly basis.

After this explanation, is clear what every month the balance on the account have to be the initial capital, $2000, however in the gadget “Invested capital (since first transaction)” every month, the amount decreases $40 .

At this moment the amount reported on the gadget is $1920. :thinking:

I have tried to check any possible setting on the gadget, however I could not find anything.

Here a screenshot for the transactions

Here a screenshot for the gadget

In advance, thanks for any comments or observation.

That’s how it is supposed to work. When you put in 2000, that is your invested capital at the time. When you add another 1000, the invested capital rises to 3000. When you then extract 500, your invested capital goes down to 2500.

Hi Chirlu.

Thanks for the feedback.

I completely agree with you.

I’m my case the monthly interests are added and then withdrawed.

Under this affirmation the balance always is $2000, however the gadget is decreasing at a rate of $40/month.

Looks like if the interest’s withdrawals are applied to the invested capital

That’s what I said, yes.

Chirlu, my point is, I am not withdrawing the main capital, I am withdrawing the interest.
Every month, the balance will increase $40 and it money is withdrawed.
For that reason, the main capital remains without change.

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If you want to see your initital Invest, you have to change the reporting period to the beginning of your Invest.

To clearify: What ist your performance when your invest is allways 2000€? Than your performance is zero! Your way to analyze the result is the wrong way, not the computation.

Hi Jo92.

Thanks for your comments.

On the widget, the report period start on January, 20th 2021 and ends on today (since the first transaction).


About the performance, I attach a screenshot for the KPI for this investment

TTWRR = 4.04%
IRR= 23.39%

Invested Capital, TTWRR and IRR has the report period start on January, 20th 2021 and ends on today (since the first transaction). The other widgets has a 2 years reporting period.

Let me know your comments and observations

There have been a lot of discussions about what “invested capital” means. I fully agree with your initial feeling that your invested capital should remain the same. It’s logical. However, the developers have a different view or definition. Long ago realized gains, interest, dividends etc. will always mess with your invested capital.
Just a few days ago, in another discussion thread, I was told in no uncertain terms that they do not plan to change anything or give us more options to display invested capital, i.e. the money we have put in ourselves. I was told to program it myself.

It doesn’t seem that reading comprehension is a strong side of yours, as that was not what you were told.

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Nunja es gibt immer unterschiedliche Interpretationsmöglichkeiten. Zum einen hast du es ja bereits durch deinen Post auf die Liste gesetzt. Zum anderen ist das Ganze ein Open-Source Projekt, mit dem niemand Geld verdienen will. Open-Source bedeutet auch, dass jeder alles einbauen kann und auch ein Projekt forken/trennen kann. Aber man kann halt auch keine Erwartung haben, dass jemand etwas umsetzt. Das ist vielleicht etwas anderes, wenn man für eine Software bezahlt.

Aber bitte zurück zum Thema und zur englischen Sprache:

The key point is how people build evaluations and how to evaluate returns. In Germany, it is apparently still a widespread phenomenon to evaluate returns via an absolute increase in value. To be honest, I also made this mistake and only learned to take a different perspective through PP and am now absolutely convinced of it. If you want to define return differently, build the evaluations differently or use another software. It is free to everyone and please do not misunderstand that is not meant badly. It is simply the question, what expectation can I have of something free.

Hi Nea4u.

Thanks for your feedback.

As you and chirlu say looks that there is a misunderstanding about what the value represents.

I will look for another widget that could show the information what I want to see.

I really appreciate your feedback

Hi Jo92.

Thanks for the information and your oppinion from your point of view.

Definitely I have to look for another metric or widget to try to show the info that I want.


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