Is there any way to see the performance per trade?

So far we can just see the consolidated performance of a position in the trades section, could we see in the “trades” screen the performance per single trade and not a consolditation??

Trade 1: 5sh at 10$
Trade 2: 5sh at 8$
Current price 12$

Current view:
Position: 10sh at 9$ return 33%

Trade 1: 20% return
Trade 2: 50% return

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Please elaborate on what exactly you want to see, and in what way the existing options don’t suffice.

I edited the whole post, hope now is clearer !


I have the same question as @Hector_V_P.

So you want to change the definition of a trade, such that every buy starts a separate trade?

Same question here. It would be great if each buy could be shown as separate trade. It would be great to see how my buys in a particular time period did compared to the overall performance of my portfolio. E.g. 2022 was a terrible year for my overall portfolio but my trades throughout the year were quite positive so would be interesting to put this into perspective with a good overview.

yes so maybe with a + you could expand somehow the summarized buyS per accounts and get a view about the single transavtions.
I need not only the column perfomance. I need also column Loss/Profit in order to make a rough estimate about tax payments. thanks

Is this not what you have in the Trades sections?

Checking my portfolio, for instance I have two lines for two trades of the same stock over overlapping periods:

Security     Start date     End date       ...   IRR
CompanyAZ    July 2, 2021   Jan 14, 2022   ...   -8.83%
CompanyAZ    July 19, 2021  Dec 1, 2022    ...   0.65%

(not great trades!)

Consolidated positions is what I see in the “Statement of assets” view, not in the Trades view.


(some thinking later …)

Indeed if the trades are still open and in the same account, there are consolidated.