Latest Quote from multiple markets

Hi. So far I’ve been using my own Excel based tool, I recently discovered your tool and truly appreciate your effort! My first question on this formum relates to the value of the latest quote. Especially in these volatile markets we observe massive price changes during a single day. Many of the securities we own are traded at different stock markets in different time zones. In my Excel application I have for a single security multiple Yahoo feeds coming from Asia, Europe, and USA markets and based on Yahoo’s attribute „Market time“ containing local time and time zone I determine the most recent security price which I apply in my actual analytics. In your application the latest quote is always pulled from a single stock market so can be out of date when that particular market is closed whilst trading continues at other stock markets. Are you planning to add such a similar - and imho more accurate - logic in getting the latest quote?
Thanks !

I cannot tell if anybody is willing to contribute code for such a feature. But I think such a request wasn’t mentioned in the forum yet. The demand seems to be rather small.