Lost track of my portfolio files

I’ve used for some time Portfolio Performance on Mac OS X 11.3 and setup a couple of portfolios to track my investments.

After upgrading my MacBook, I went back to use the app and found that my portfolios didn’t show up in the app at startup.

Searching on the hard disk I’ve found only “.settings" files for these portfolios, not the ".xml” files.

Is there any chance to recover these files ?
As far as I know, they should be in /Users/username/*.xml.

Thanks for any indication.

----------> Backups?

Hey Paolo_Bartoli,

the XML files are at the place where you decided to put them when you were working with them back then.
Otherwise your backup should deliver the old files :wink:

However, if you have not deleted your files from your computer they should be somewhere. A global search for *.backup-after-open.xml should guide you to the folder(s) in question.

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Yes this would be ideal, but I’ve never backed up the User folder… :frowning:

Worst case I don’t think it would take long to setup again - Import CSV file. A Default Quote Feed Provider for New CSV Imported Securities would be nice. I upload my bank accounts to a cashbook which is a good source of dividends/distributions. Filters, classifications and dashboards take a while to setup but you’d do a better job of them now.