Market Value calculation in foreign currency


I’ve been using the PP for some time now.
Thank you for making it available, it’s a very useful in tracking the portfolio movements.

I’m struggling with the market value calculation.
The currency I use is EUR.
In the following example I have 486.4 shares, and the quote is 5,04 CAD

Market value is calculated at 428.94 EUR
But, 486.4 shares times 5,04 CAD = 2451.456 CAD divided by 1,44 Exch rate = 1702.4 EUR and not 428,94 like displayed.

When I change the currency in “Statement of Assets” and then look at it

It calculates the market value correctly at 2451.25CAD

The General Data->Currencies uses the European Central Bank rate and it is updated

Can somebody explain what I’m missing here?
I use PP 0.56.2 (Dec 2021) on Windows.

Thank you for your time.

When there were similar reports in the past, the usual cause was another, manually created exchange rate which overrode the ECB data. So you should check the list of securities (with filters deactivated except possibly “exchange rates only”).

There is also a currency converter (in General Data) which you could try (e.g. CAD 100 to EUR). At the bottom, the exchange rate is shown, and you can expand the entry to see where it got the rate from.

@chirlu you were right.
I accidently created a new security, as an exchange rate.
Only found it, because, you pointed it out.