Options input -- How to input and update historical prices for options


I am sorry. Ich spreche keine Deutsche.

I do love the program. I am an investor but spent 25 years as a lawyer in the US at decent jobs (the White House, e.g.), and I would be happy to help in its marketing (not for pay, but this is the only thing that is close to what I want for my business.

  1. Anyway, here is my options questions. If I import options contracts, because of the way value and shares interact as fields, it works fine.

However, if I try to create a new transaction, I seem to run into a problem because 1 contract represents 100 shares. I have tried listing the contracts in 100s, and the price x 100, both, but then this creates its all problems.

  1. Options prices are downloaded for only the current day. I cannot do historical quotes, which is minor. But I would like the quote each day to be added to the list of historical quotes, as well as the initial buy price. Neither seems to happen automatically, but I realize I may not know how – not being able to read German and Google’s translator may mis-translate.

Danke shoen.