Performance calculation (Benchmark)

Hi All,

This application is amazing and I love it, but I do have a problem. When checking my portfolio against the sp500 I can’t believe my numbers.

I started investing in feb 2019 and I had a pretty good run but not almost +80% as seen in the picture below:

In blue is my securities account and in red is my deposit + Securities. As far as I understand non invested cash is booked in the deposit.

Across 2019 I wired 20k euros and invested them almost all. My biggest non-realized capital gain was +8800 euro in February 2020 just before it all came crashing down. But 8800 euro is not 80% of 20k… What’s more, I started selling my stocks in February and I reinvested the cash into some dumb stocks.

So as of today, out of 20k invested, degiro shows me that I’m still +4k. The red line shows 46% and the blue line 4.5%. Non of these percentages are 4k out of 20k.

What am I missing?

Thank you!

The “usual” reason is inadvertent leverage. Is one of your accounts in the red? E.g., if PP believes you only invested 10k, then a profit of 8k would be 80% of that.

None of the accounts is in the red. As of right now degiro is still showing +24k.

And yes. I did reinvest the profit from sold stocks - So i understand the blue line is the correct one? But the blue line is dropping sharply to 0% in Q1 2020 because i was selling assets and the profit is not shown (because it is in the deposit account)

Thank you for reverting!