Portfolio Report API returns error code 500


For the past week or so, I have been unable to update the quotes on my portfolio because the Portfolio Report API returns 500 errors on all my securities.

Amundi MSCI World
  https://www.portfolio-report.net/api/securities/uuid/0b1c66af3d4b442094791a12a22fe82b/markets/XETR?from=2021-03-29 --> 500

Is that a temporary error that will be fixed in the near future, or is there something wrong with my portfolio?

Are you using the latest version of PP? Please check for updates.

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I’ve just updated on my Linux machine and it worked. I’ll update on my Windows machine tonight, but I expect it to fix the problem there too.


I’ve updated Portfolio Performance on my Windows machine and still have the error.

Which version do you use? I can’t reproduce the issue.

Huh, that doesn’t look right. “Check for updates” shows “No updates available” though.

That’s not the latest version. Instead of updating you can also download the latest version.