Proposed portfolio

Need for a solution to handle portfolio calculations and interactions.

The proposed portfolio refers to the recommended investment allocation for a client’s portfolio. It is a portfolio composition suggested by financial advisors based on the client’s profile and investment goals. The proposed portfolio takes into account various factors such as risk tolerance, investment horizon, and financial objectives.

the client’s portfolio is composed of different financial products, such as funds (also known as FIC, Collective Investment Funds) and titles (e.g., stocks). Each product generates a balance for the client, representing the value of their investments. The client’s portfolio is the aggregation of these balances.

The model portfolio, on the other hand, is the recommended allocation of investments at the asset level. Instead of specifying individual funds or titles, the model portfolio suggests the percentage allocation for different asset types. For example, it may recommend allocating 50% to variable income products, 30% to fixed income products, and 20% to alternative investments.

The proposed portfolio is derived from the model portfolio but allows for customization and adjustments based on the client’s preferences. The client can make changes to the proposed portfolio by modifying the allocation percentages or adding/removing specific funds or titles. These changes reflect the client’s investment decisions and preferences.

the proposed portfolio requires a user-friendly interface where financial advisors can interact with the data. The interface should allow them to edit values, add or delete funds/titles, and recalculate the portfolio composition and performance in real-time. The proposed portfolio should be dynamic and responsive to changes made by the advisor.

Overall, the proposed portfolio is a customizable investment allocation recommended by financial advisors based on the model portfolio. It allows for adjustments and modifications to suit the client’s preferences and investment decisions. The goal is to provide a user-friendly interface that enables financial advisors to interact with the portfolio data, make changes, and recalculate the portfolio composition and performance in real-time.

And what is your question?

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Is possible have a feature inside PP with model portfolio vs proposed portfolio?

What kind of application do you think PP is? I think it is an app for private DIY-clients.

I think this is a good feature.
Model of portfolio vs proposed portfolio
I can do it with actual features?
Or is possible generate them?

I cannot see any benefit as DIY Investor to compare my portfolio against a proposed one. If I’m keen on copy trading, their exist different platforms. I have my own strategy.