% symbol in Abs.Perf. column

Hi, is there a way to show the percentage % symbol next to the number shown in the Abs.Perf. column?

Please anyone? Thanks.

you talk about Reports / Performance / Securities?
I have never seen a column named „Abs.Perf. % 1 day“.
Here is version 0.35.1, the column is named „Abs.Perf. %“ and uses the reporting period of the dashboard - see screenshot:

Thanks for replying! I have that “Abs.Perf. %” in Reports/Performance/Securities.
My screen-shot was for the Accounts/Securities Account… or in the Reports/Statement of Assets…

Now I see.
The one and only who can change is @andreasb - maybe the trigger works :wink:

Please add % symbol in the columns in Statement of Assets… much easier to read the number-values and percentage-values.