TER setup in PP


I have setup different ETFs well in PP, but now I started thinking how to setup the TER for each… How do I do it?


Hey Simo_Toiviainen,

the TER is a pre-set “Additional Attribute” which you can select for each security in the security edit dialogue (At least in my German version of PP).
If it is not pre-set or if it does appear in German only and you want to have it in English you can define or edit your own “Additional Attributes”. You define them in /General Data/Settings/Attributes: Securities. Note the TER in of the field type percent.

it’s my first post. I’ve added the TER to every security in my portfolio, but I can’t see it in any report. In particular, I’d like to see the global (weighted) TER of my security account/portfolio. Is it possible to do it?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Lake2034,

The attribute TER ist just an informative attribute. You can display it in some tables and you can sort them for it. It is not used to calculate any costs or expenses.
The TER are intrinsic costs and do not appear as numbers anywhere.

Thanks for your reply! Can you please tell a table where I can show the TER?

So, isn’t there any way to get weighted sum of there of my assets?

Hey Lake2034,

for example here /Reports/Performance/Securities/[cogwheel]/Attributes/TER

No, the TER Attribute in PP cannot be used to calculate with.