Unexplainable technical problem with import from Schwab


Hi. Ich spreche keine Deutsche. Sorry.

I have several accounts at Schwab and downloaded this year’s transactions to a CSV file.

All but one was imported without a problem. However, one file does not import. I get a import window with lines through all the transactions, in each field. The program thinks something that I cannot figure out (no German here). I have tried a couple different things, but this still seems not to work.

As near as I can tell, I have done nothing with this file that I have not done with others.

In the short run, it is an account with relatively few trades. But I do not want to manually import forever, or not know what the problem is so I can fix it if I encounter it again.

Importing dividend transactions -- no dividend field

You know, that you can switch to language to English? Hilfe > Einstellungen… > Sprache

Can you insert a screenshot of the problem you are experiencing here?


Thanks for the Language settings input.

The screenshot is attached, as requested.

Also, there seems no way to get it to recognize dividends when importing. I feel I must be missing something. Btw, is there a way to create or define new categories. Also a separate forum question on options and pricing problems I seem to have.



Hi Rob,
You should inspect the specific CSV file and edit it if necessary. I experienced similar problems when porting a depot from Investoscope to PP.


Yes, Hero, there may be a problem with the file, but I cannot discern it. Indeed, some files from the very same source have imported with no problem, others have not. This is a conundrum…