Unrealized Gain

Please, please, pleeeeeeease, improve PP showing UNREALIZED GAIN value and UNREALIZED GAIN % as well.
For many IRR and TWRR are not so significant and easy to understand and value.
Should be even easier to calculate it I guess… no?

Pleeeeeeease :sob:

Don’t be surprised if you just post a keyword and if it’s not realized in the same way as you’ve expected a feature. Realized and unrealized gain is actually displayed at the performance calculation. Please be more precisely with your issues.

As it get actual market quotes it shows actual value of the portfolio, which includes unrealized gains.
I think you just need to get more familiar with the application itself :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for your replies. I found my error, the rep-period was on the same day of the 1st purchase… when I change it to the day before the realized gain was correct (-3.58%), see below.

This was easy to understand because I had 1 closed position.
The problem is when I have multiple positions (closed and open): I cannot understand the % of realized + unrealized profit (or loss) from inception…