Where is Dividend shares amount used?

Hello, my question is related to adding dividends for a particular stock and filling out the number of shares.
So till now I just didn’t realize that every time I am filling current shares amount and this is not right, because some shares can be non legible for the dividend.
Can you tell me does this have bad impact and on which calculations?
I’ve tried to change the amount of shares of some of the divi transactions and I cannot see change in the Statement of Assets divi columns.

Performance → Securities → Transactions (bottom):

Also column ‘Div%/year’ in Performance → Securities (table):
(which is based on the Dividend yields in the first screenshot)

If the amount of shares is not correct these calculations will be wrong then.

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PP cannot calculate personal dividend yield per year.
With this setting, nothing useful is displayed

Nobody asked for YoC in this topic.

It was asked if and where the shares amount of a dividend is used. So I showed the only numbers I am aware of (dividend yield per transaction and average dividend yield over years) that are affected by that.

I think everyone should decide on their own if the average dividend yield over years is useful or not.

The shares have no impact on performance numbers.

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Thank you _Manuel!

Can I ask is this percentage normal:

if you calculate what percentage is 3.29 from 127.78 the result is close to 2.6% but in the table it shows 1.56%

Do you have something in mind why is this discrepancy?

Unfortunately I have no idea yet. :frowning:
I also don’t get why the quote in your screenshot ist 6.33 when 127.78 divided by 20 is close to 6.39.

Is the start of your ReportingPeriod after Sep 9, 2021?

No, the period is since Dec 30, 2020.
If I change it to only 2022 (when the divi was received) it shows 1.30% dividend yield. I can’t understand how it is calculated exactly.

So I found the divergence of the quote and final sum.

127.78 includes the fee and if removed it is 126.58 * 20 which is 6.33, but this info is in Securities->All securities->Transactions.

A bit confusing