Account name sorting when it starts by an accented letter

PP version: 0.60.0

In the Accounts part, in either Deposit Accounts or Securities Accounts, starting an account name with an accented letter (e.g. é, è, à, ù …etc.) leads that the account name is put at the end of the list after the Z while expected to be sorted with the “non-accented” associated letter.

Is it possible to fix this issue?

Cheers, Olivier

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Same issue with other list (securities):

Just to link both topics.

Yes, it seems to be the same issue for the Securities list.

Thanks for the link!

I’ll fix it with the next version - the TextCollator is the right answer. :upside_down_face:


Remember that this is different by language, which is why a complex, locale-dependent collator is needed to do it properly. For example, the Swedish alphabet and sorting order is abcdef…xyzåäö, and it would be wrong to sort åsikt close to aska.


Thanks a lot. It is very appreciated!

I didn’t know so I’m pleased to learn something today :smile:

The sorting é, è, à, ç, ù in French is e é è f …etc. so it is after the non accented letter but not after the z :slight_smile:


The sorting should be fixed with Version 0.60.1

Thanks a lot Andreas! Have a nice day.

I updated to v0.60.1 and I confirm that… Everything is working perfectly! Thanks a lot for the fix!
And… Happy New Year!