Brookfield Asset Management

In that case, it will be:

(116 x 43.15 = 5,005.40 USD / 4,851.23 EUR) + (29 x 43.15 = 1,251.35 USD / 1,213.05 EUR) = 6,064.28 EUR

With regards to the connection with the spin-off, I don’t know what other information I can provide here. These are the transactions as they appear in Degiro, so you can see exactly what I’m working with:

Thanks for this. Booking the dividend in BN is fine but how do I “buy” the 29 shares of BAM if the dividend does not appear in my cash account? If I go to buy any security the drop down option just gives me my cash account.

Also, instead of 32.00 USD, would it not be 43.15 USD as per the screenshot in my reply to Laura?


  • You book a dividend to your clearing account
  • You then buy the securities from this clearing account

CU, Laura

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I looked it up on Yahoo Finance and other places. The price I see in USD is always around 32 USD on 12 Dec 2022 for BAM. Please look it up for yourself with your preferred program.

If you found another price or if you want to stay with the 43,15 USD it is totally fine with me.