CSV import not interpreting "buys"

Hi there,

I’m having a problem with the CSV import functionality. As shown in the screenshot below, my stock purchases as not imported as “buys”. I am surprised, because this worked well the first time I imported all my historical transactions, but for some reason it doesn’t work now when I only import a few transactions to update my account.


I suspect the Type of Data should be “Securities Account”

Ha! That’s interesting.

If “Type of data” is “Account transactions”, it detects dividends and correctly identifies the security by its ticker symbol. But it doesn’t interpret “buys” or “sells” (as in my screenshot).

If “Type of data” is “Securities account”, it detects “buys” or “sells” with the correct ticker symbols but now ignores/excludes all the other transactions (dividends, deposits, etc).

I don’t remember importing my historical CSV transactions twice. I am pretty sure I did it all at once. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind importing twice but the problem is that transactions are interpreted differently and I end up with duplicates (e.g. sometimes as a withdrawal, sometimes as a buy). Isn’t there a middle ground? E.g. if there is a ticker symbol present, then don’t ignore it?

I usually enter my trades directly into PP.
The German part of the forum has a multitude of queries regarding .csv
The most useful suggestion I found is to export and check the resulting csv
On importing it shows which fields are mandatory and which are optional.
Maybe someone else has more information.