Date and Currency Format for CSV import is European only(?)

It seems from quick experimentation that when importing from CSV the expected date format is “YYYY-MM-DD” and the expected number format is “#.###,00”.

Is there a way to set the locale so that here in the USA I can import data using “MM-DD-YYYY” and “#,###.00”?

Correct me if I am wrong,


I did not check if it actualy works but when you double click on column in the importer you can choose different formats. I believe thats what you are looking for? It seems your format for the Date is not there, but for numbers the different decimal points exist. YYYYMMDD is probably the closest to the american format.

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The number format is supported (of course, it would be nice if the default format would fit to your locale and pre-select the English format).

The date format is not. Either you change your CSV (by opening it in Excel and use a formula for another format). Or you contribute another date format here:

Thanks! I will take a look at the importer.

With Version 0.30.0 I have added the additional date formats.