"Format.parseObject(String) failed" in CSV import from Google

Hi everyone,

I`m new on this forum as I recently started experimenting with Portfolio Performance.
I have my transactions all in a google sheet which I export to a CSV file for import.
The following images show some errors I receive when trying to import.
Does anyone know how to fix this?


Schermafbeelding 2020-01-22 om 12.23.38|690x163


The error message says it could not import line 18 through 21 from the CSV file.

Can you post those lines from the CSV file to get an understanding what goes wrong?

(Obviously I have to work on improving the error message here… :wink:)

Hi Andreas,

Thanks a lot for your message. (and for creating a great software!)
I managed to get all my transactions in eventually, by pasting it into Excel first and then creating a CSV. So problem solved.

Best regards,

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Hopefully with Version 0.44.1 there is now a better error message…