Import portfolio

Hi - just downloaded the app (on my mac). Looks interesting, but I am stuck at the start.

How do I import my portfolio? There is an import menu (with options in German, so weren’t sure what they were) but anyway tried this, and didn’t get any sensible result. But I don’t know what format you’d like the data in.

And I can’t see any way to even manually add an investment. Surely there must be?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Hey memarkiam,

first of all, welcome to the community.
Secondly, you can change the language in /Hilfe/Einstellungen/Darstellung/Sprache (as long as your installation is in German).
Thirdly, PortfolioPerformance does not support importing entire portfolios *(see end of text). The import functionality works on some banking documents. You can however import spreadsheets in CSV format. This way you can import larger data sets, however, the larger the set the more precausions you need to take on the CSV file.

Thank you. I did try a csv import, but the app made no sense of it.

Do you have a template I can use to get the right columns in the right place and try with that?

Thank you.

Hey memarkiam,

can you share the file you want to import? You configure the columns yourself.
Please note that the CSV import is devided into different categories. These categories define which columns PP needs or can address for the import.

Try the tutorial: Import CSV file (to Create Portfolio).