Italian Stock Exchange quote stuck since March 24th

Hi guys,
I opened Portfolio Performance and I saw that a lot of securities’ quote are stuck/flat since March 24th.
It seems it only occurs with the Italian Stock Exchange.
I use Yahoo as a data provider but as you can see both in the graph and the server response I don’t see any change since March 24th.
It is odd that even in Yahoo website in the summary page it shows the correct quote but in the graph page it shows a flat line.
Can you give me an advice how to fix this?
Thanks a lot

Well, as you could see at Prezzi storici e dati sui titoli di iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF USD (Acc) (SWDA.MI) - Yahoo Finanza , the daily closing price remain at 70,30 since couple of days, tough.

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Thanks I saw that too but I don’t understand why.
Is it an issue with the API? What should I do? Use an other data provider instead of Yahoo?

see One month without the download of quotations - #8 by _Manuel

The called download url, as esample:

{“finance”:{“result”:null,“error”:{“code”:“Unauthorized”,“description”:“Invalid Crumb”}}}

That’s a different issue.