java.lang.NullPointerException on Mac OS Big Sur

Is it possible to compile a 0.47.0 version with the same patch as you have done for 0.46.6 or does that need much effort? Would be very nice because yesterday released the public beta and i think many user a like me and installed it :sweat_smile:

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Can you give this a try:

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Thanks for your quick editing. It works well but in short view I found two bugs.
if I use some filters, it will not refreshed. If i switch to a other task and back it shows correctly. You can only see the content of your first depot, accounts are working.
In classification menu it´s not possible to sort by drag and drop.
Maybe there are some more i find if i used it longer, but great work, it is useable again!!

Thanks a lot for tweaking and sharing that snapshop release. Works fine under macOS Big Sur. Only little issue I experienced so far is also the filter topic already mentioned by xact21.

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Thanks a lot for that quick fix! Thought that I have to revert to Catalina :wink:

Ok, I have build a test version for Big Sur:

Can you check and provide feedback?

Hello Andreas,
for me it looks like, the bug with not readable text in the selected line I mentioned in my other thread is fixed in your version! Thanks!

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