☀ New & Noteworthy

This thread collects bigger new and noteworthy changes to Portfolio Performance.

The German version of this thread is here.

Version 0.55.0 / 20. September 2021

New Rebalancing Viewer

RomanLangrehr has updated the rebalancing algorithm so that PP now also produces rebalancing solutions if an investment vehicle is assigned to multiple categories. This version also adds a new column that allows to include or exclude securities from the rebalancing.

Display limits in security price chart

@OnkelDok has added the option to display limits in the security price chart. In the sample below, I first create a new attribute of type “limit price” in the settings of the file. Then I entered a limit for the given security. You can do this either in the edit dialog of the security or by double-clicking into the respective column. When selecting the option Marking → Show limits is selected, an orange line is showing the limit.

Copy table rows with Strg-C or Cmd-C to the clipboard

If you enter data into PP, you always will be able to extract it. Therefore all data can be exported as XML. But what about calculations? You can export them as CSV. Now you can also copy every table row into the clipboard. Simply press Ctrl-C or Cmd-C (on the Mac).

Display savings (per month, quarter, year) in the “Payments” tab

Sometimes new features require a new naming. @chirlu has extended the “Earnings & Expenses” view to also include performance-neutral transfers. Therefore the view is now labeled as Payments. At the top you find the new option Savings to show the savings (well, at least if you added more funds to your portfolio than what you retrieved to spend on other things).

More improvements

  • reduce the number of error messages when failing to download prices
  • Improvement of PDF importer: comdirect, DATDAT, Consorsbank, FFB, Swiss PostFinance, SLM AG, Trade Republic, Deutsche Bank, Self Wealth
  • IB Flex importer can import dividends in forex currencies better

And some fixes

  • Fix: Fixes a problem when saving the settings

Version 0.56.0 / 7. November 2021

New: Update to the latest version of the Eclipse framework

With this version, PP uses the latest version of the Eclipse framework. Unfortunately, this can lead to friction in the online update. Most of the times, it helps to start PP twice. But if you run on Windows, consider using the Installer which will setup the permission correctly for future online updates.

New: Support for Apple M1 processor

With the update to the latest Eclipse framework, PP also supports the M1 processor on macOS. You have to download the version from the homepage. Your settings will remain.

New: PP in Czech

Thanks to drozdikd for the translation into Czech.

New: Support for EOD Historical Data to download historical prices

You can now also use EOD Historical Data as source for historical prices. First you need to configure your API key in the settings, then you can use the quote provider.

New: Configure ‘Limit Price’

‘Limit Price’ attributes can be configured with custom colors and optionally display the absolute or relative distance to the limit

New: Dashboard widget that lists securities that their limit exceeded

List securities that exceed their limit on the dashboard - never miss a security exceeding its limit.

New: Dashboard widget that lists securities that have reached a configured date

The same is also possible for dates - for example you might want to setup a follow-up date.

New: Edit existing filters

@OnkelDok has extended PP with the feature to edit existing filters:

New: When importing transactions, the file name is now stored in a separate attribute ‘source’ instead of cluttering the note

Other improvements

  • Improvement of PDF Importers: Postfinance, DAB, Consorsbank, Selfweather, DKB, ebase, MLP, ebase, Trade Republic, OnVista, comdirect, DADAT, DekaBank, Flatex, Raiffeisenbank, JustTrade - Thanks @Nirus
  • Improvement: Always also allow exporting all transactions for the view ‘All transactions’
  • Improvement: Remove custom logo from cash and security accounts
  • Improvement: Display the total at the top and bottom of the ‘Statement of Assets’ table for better readability

Version 0.56.1 / 22 November 2021

This update includes a few fixes and a lot of improvements for the import of transactions from PDF documents:

  • New: Russian translation
  • New: PDF Import of Revolut Ltd, NIBC Bank, Priority Corp
  • Improvement of PDF importers: Deutsche Bank, Keytrade Bank, Weberbank, INGDiba, Postbank, DZ Bank, 1822direkt, Flatex, VIAC, DKB
  • Improvement: CoinGecko supports using the CoinID as alternative parameter
  • Fix: Fixes a problem with transforming the historical prices when creating a new stock split
  • Fix: Fixes a problem when sorting the limit price columns

Version 0.56.2 / 2 December 2021

Another update with a couple of improvements for the import of PDF bank documents and a couple of fixes. In particular, I hope it fixes now the strange bug that sometimes the wrong file was activated when clicking on the tab folder.

  • Improvement of PDF imports: Degiro, Finpension, Deutsche Bank, Score Priority Corp, comdirect, Wechselgeld-Sparen, ING DiBa, DADAT
  • Improvement: Include FIFO purchase price when uploading data to DivvyDiary (via Online menu)
  • Fix: Fixes a problem where the wrong file was activated when clicking on the tab folder
  • Fix: Fixes a problem that the statement of assets where not updated when the filter was changed
  • Fix: Fixes a problem that the input fields of the JSON price provider were not restored correctly

Version 0.56.3 / 9 January 2022

Happy new year to you all! This new release is a mix of small improvements and bug fixes. During the last months, 9 different developers have contributed code to Portfolio Performance - from small bug fixes to features. It makes me very happy to see this kind of support :smile:

Previous (trading) day as reporting period

Two new dynamic reporting period allow you to select the last day or the last trading day. This can be useful if you want to add / configure widgets on the dashboard accordingly.

Rebalancing view with new columns

Two new columns in the rebalancing view show the target allocation relative to the total portfolio and the delta relative to the total assets.

“unixtime” as new date format for the TODOAY macro within quote URLs

The TODAY macro now supports “unixtime” to format the current data as Unix timestamp. For example, you could {TODAY:unixtime:-P3M} to print the current date minus 3 months as unix timestamp. The macro is supported in all data provider URLs.


  • Improvement of PDF importers: Hellobank, s.broker, Flatex, DZ Bankgruppe, Keytrade, Deutsche Bank, Raiffeisenbank, PostFinance, DAB, OnVista, Baader Bank, ScorePriority, DKB, Degiro
  • Improvement: charts on the dashboard with improved time grid
  • Improvement: better support for multi-line notes for securities
  • Improvement: when exporting data into CSV, format dates according to ISO standard so that Excel and Apple Numbers correctly identify the date


  • Fix: Fixes a problem when the exchange rate entered by the user is zero when editing transactions
  • Fix: Fixes a NullPointerException when updating the rebalancing view