Quandl quote feed

A question about quandl. In future releases, is it possible to have quandl as quote feed?
Looks like yahoo quotes are beginning to break/unavailable for certain market quotes.


I just had a quick look at Quandl - it has an API so that is possible in principle.

What feeds are you using? There seem to be many

@all - anybody else using Quandl already?

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Thanks @AndreasB for the reply and wonderful software.

Using this https://www.quandl.com/data/AMFI/ Just want to update the daily quotes.

Unable to use the „table“ feature.

Any ideas?

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I’ve played just a little with quandle.com, they is basically a payed content provider for several exchanges over the world.

Any fund like the ISIN INF789FC12T1 get the own database I’d like AMFI/143341 and depend on subscription available as JSON via https://www.quandl.com/api/v3/datasets/AMFI/143341.json?api_key=xxxxxx

The response will be like these example:

  "dataset": {
    "id": 43955203,
    "dataset_code": "143341",
    "database_code": "AMFI",
    "name": "UTI Mutual Fund - UTI Nifty Next 50 Index Fund - Direct Plan - Growth Option",
    "description": "ISIN Div Payout/ ISIN Growth: INF789FC12T1",
    "refreshed_at": "2020-02-05 20:01:54 UTC",
    "newest_available_date": "2020-02-05",
    "oldest_available_date": "2018-06-29",
    "column_names": [
      "Net Asset Value",
      "Repurchase Price",
      "Sale Price"
    "frequency": "daily",
    "type": "Time Series",
    "premium": false,
    "limit": null,
    "transform": null,
    "column_index": null,
    "start_date": "2020-02-01",
    "end_date": "2020-02-05",
    "data": [
    "collapse": null,
    "order": null,
    "database_id": 15165

Some exchanges are free of charge but XETRA is for example not available…


With Version 0.44.1 I have added the first support for Quandl as quote provider.

It works for certain data sets only. You need to configure the API key in the preferences. Then put the Quandl code in the configuration of the security (when selecting Quandl as quote provider).

If it does not work for (some) papers, let me know the codes and I’ll have a check.

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Thans AndreasB, awesome to have Quandl! I just tried with this paper (gold) and it returned lots of -0.0001.

Full json url: https://www.quandl.com/api/v3/datasets/LBMA/GOLD.json?api_key={apikey}

@AndreasB fantastic!

Both historic and latest quotes are updated.
Thank you very much.
You are awesome.

This feed returns a dataset where PP doesn’t know which column to use.

I fixed it in such a way that one can configure the column to use. In this case for example „EURO (PM)“ or „USD (PM)“. Comes with the next version.


For me it just says that my Quandl API Key is invalid. I already regenerated a new key at quandl (and I got a 24h cooldown now) it seems to come in very different formats. The second key I got has two dashes in it now „–“. Maybe portfolio Performance only accepts one specific format?
In any case I cannot get it to work.

With Version 0.45.0 one can configure the column to be used for importing quotes:

:thinking: The parameter is encoded when passed to the Quandl API. But I am not doing anything to the String as entered in the preferences.

Does it work now with your second key?

Works now, thanks. Might have mixed something up.

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