Reporting Across Multiple Security Accounts

PP has a nice feature where multiple security accounts can be loaded and the reports will include all of the securities. A filter can be applied to restrict the reported securities.

When reports are run with no filter they still show each holding within each security. For example, if APPL is held by each of three security accounts it will be shown three times. Can a combined holding report be run (ie show APPL once rather than as three items)?

As I told you on GitHub, we’ll need more details: what reports you are viewing, what exactly you are seeing (preferably screenshots) and what you expect to see instead.

That’s not my experience …

Elsewhere, you complain about difficulties with imports, because you have multiple securities with the same ticker symbol. Is that the case here, too: that there are multiple separate instances of the same real-life security? Of course those aren’t combined then.

That’s exactly the case, same security in different security accounts. I used APPL as an example.

There’s a dataset for one secutiy account in Import CSV file. Image the other two security accounts have a different number of shares in REA, RIO and WPL.

Most, eg Holdings, Calculation, Securities, Income & Expenses (eg Fees), and Trades.

I’m expecting to see one line for APPL in a text report not three lines being one for each security account.

To be specific, I’m running these reports with entire portfolio filter.

OK, I’ll setup a dummy dataset today.

That’s not what I meant, because then you wouldn’t have issues with “same ticker symbol used for different securities”. I suspect you have multiple separate securities in PP that are all called Apple and share AAPL as the ticker symbol.

In any case, I’m rather certain this is not about a bug in PP.

@chirlu I agree with your comments that it’s likely the ticker code. With the exception of adding bank deposit accounts, I followed the wiki to Import CSV Files to Create Portfolio for each of the multiple security accounts but there was an issue.

I put all security accounts into a single csv, reimported it and it is working as you explained. I never suggested this was a bug and was surprised to read your comments it is supported.

The forums are a better place for support questions

It’s hard to understand the fine details of software through translation (eg see tags) and the support is more limited than you are suggesting. My first post was moved and unanswered so I wrote the wiki to Import CSV Files to Create Portfolio expecting someone would fix any errors. Despite writing that wiki I’m still not sure about how to configure ticker code and I didn’t get a response on the forum or the issues I raised in GitHub.

The Security Performance report gives the best detailed overview of the numbers. I’m interested in how to do the following or any workarounds.

Q1. Can the report be swiped with a mouse and copied into the clipboard (quicker than download/open)?

A1. No, not in Version: 0.54.2 (Jul. 2021) (see Copy Object to Clipboard · Issue #2372 · buchen/portfolio · GitHub). It normally works in any software so I don’t understand why not in PP.

Q2. Can column totals be displayed?

A2. It’s not directly supported in Version: 0.54.2 (Jul. 2021) (see Absolute Performance % average (and column totals) · Issue #1906 · buchen/portfolio · GitHub). Use the csv export icon, import into a spreadsheet and calculate as required.

The entire portfolio is displayed below:

Then filtered (eg Assets, Holdings, Calculation, Securities, Income & Expense) by the Main Portfolio (notice RIO and REA shared reduce to 89 and 64 respectively):

Q3. Can dividends in Bank be included in this report?

A3. Yes, View Report, Click Filter icon, New, Ctrl-Click to select accounts, Enter Name, OK. Remove entries is savage, removes all custom filters without warning!

Q4. Is there a better way to setup Accounts and Portfolios? It looks like a contra account will be needed to show payments for one fiscal year made in the next.

DemoPortfolioMultiAcc.xml created by importing the following csv files into the accounts that follow (checking date format):


Date,Settlement,Type,Note,Ticker Symbol,Security Name,Shares,Average Price,Consideration,Fees,Value,Cash Account,Securities Account
04/01/21,06/01/21,Buy,T20210104689951-1,REA.AX,REA Group Ltd,64,154.24,9871.36,9.5,9880.86,Broker Funds,Broker Securities
01/02/21,03/02/21,Buy,T20210201523636-1,RIO.AX,RIO Tinto Ltd,89,111.27,9903.03,9.5,9912.53,Broker Funds,Broker Securities
01/03/21,03/03/21,Buy,T20210301378143-1,WPL.AX,Woodside Petroleum Ltd,397,25.16,9988.52,9.5,9998.02,Broker Funds,Broker Securities
29/03/21,31/03/21,Buy,T20210329345452-1,WOW.AX,Woolworths Group Ltd,247,40.44,9988.68,9.5,9998.18,Broker Funds,Broker Securities
26/04/21,28/04/21,Buy,T20210426460841-1,CBA.AX,Commonwealth Bank of Australia,112,89.05,9973.6,9.5,9983.1,Broker Funds,Broker Securities
24/05/21,26/05/21,Sell,T20210524608678-1,WPL.AX,Woodside Petroleum Ltd,397,21.88,8686.36,9.5,8695.86,Broker Funds,Broker Securities
24/05/21,26/05/21,Buy,T20210524356856-1,ALL.AX,Aristocrat Leisure Ltd,459,40.7,18681.3,9.5,18690.8,Broker Funds,Broker Securities
21/06/21,23/06/21,Buy,T20210621600557-1,NCM.AX,Newcrest Mining Ltd,383,26.05,9977.15,9.5,9986.65,Broker Funds,Broker Securities
02/02/21,04/02/21,Buy,T20210202523681-1,REA.AX,REA Group Ltd,8,152.29,1218.32,9.5,1208.82,Broker Funds A,Broker Securities A
02/02/21,04/02/21,Buy,T20210202869586-1,ALL.AX,Aristocrat Leisure Ltd,100,37.62,3762,9.5,3752.5,Broker Funds A,Broker Securities A
01/04/21,03/04/21,Buy,T20210403855861-1,REA.AX,REA Group Ltd,50,142.58,7129,9.5,7119.5,Broker Funds 1,Broker Securities 1


Date,Ticker Symbol,Shares,Value,Franking,Total,Cash Account,Securities Account
23/03/21,REA.AX,64,37.76,16.19,53.95,Bank,Broker Securities
15/04/21,RIO.AX,89,460.23,197.24,657.47,Bank,Broker Securities
2/07/21,ALL.AX,459,68.85,29.51,98.36,Bank,Broker Securities
23/03/21,REA.AX,50,29.50,12.64,42.14,Bank A,Broker Securities A
2/07/21,ALL.AX,400,60.00,25.72,85.72,Bank A,Broker Securities A




  1. BrokerFunds, 1/1/2021, $70,000
  2. BrokerFunds A, 1/2/2021, $5,000
  3. BrokerFunds 1, 1/4/2021, $10,000