A fund is not found by the intrument search in the system

Hello Team,

Question 1
I’m looking to include in my portfolio the Fund : Capital Group New Perspective ISIN LU1295551730. The system does not find it. Is there a way to get the funds. Boursorama has it on its web Site.

Question 2 I’m looking for the ETF Ishare world enrgy IE00BJ5JP105. The system finds 3 reference but he prices are not correct. How can I solve the problem.
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Description from - Portfolio Performance - Logiciel de suivi de Patrimoine [POGNON] - Vie pratique - Discussions - FORUM HardWare.fr

Same as above, with symbol=1z5MVW

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Hello Progfriese,
I’m not very good at programming, I have copied the link of boursorama but it did not work. Could you please give me the steps (a bit in detail) that I should do. It seems you do more thatncopy the link in boursorama. It seems you set up different fields.

Why should I read you what is written on https://forum.hardware.fr/hfr/Discussions/Viepratique/portfolio-performance-patrimoine-sujet_119204_1.htm ?


$.d.QuoteTab[*].d to $.d.QuoteTab[*].c and $.d.QuoteTab[*].c to $.d.QuoteTab[*].d

It works

Thank you it worked also with boursorama but how did you find the $.d.QuoteTab[].d and $.d.QuoteTab[].c I uses this one and seems to provide the closing.
What is the difference with the replacement you proposed to replace $.d.QuoteTab[].d to $.d.QuoteTab[].c and $.d.QuoteTab[].c to $.d.QuoteTab[].d

Is that something on the site of boursorama? I just ask the question to be autonous for following cases. Sorry for bothering, you have been of fantastic help

The Description on https://forum.hardware.fr/hfr/Discussions/Viepratique/portfolio-performance-patrimoine-sujet_119204_1.htm is good, but not perfect, the paths are twisted.

Thank You very much

Hello Progfriese I realize that
For the Ishare IE00BJ5JP105 with the symbol that I replace in the boursorama field you gave me I get the quote in euro and not in dollars. Actually the quote in euro is not correct even applying the FX rate on the dollar. I get a quote of 6.24 versus a dollar quote of 6.7367
Where did you find the symbol 1z5MVW please. What search would I need to do for other securities this is what I have inputted

With screen

Did you check the URL whilst browsing the website?

Well, you didn’t mentioned this.

Thank you now this is correct.
Where did you find the 1rAWENS code?

Enter the ISIN at the search field, choosing ghe designated exchange and read the URL, displayed in the browser address field.

Yes Thanks

Sorry, this can be a stupid question so I’ll quote this thread. Why I cannot add Microsoft stock to my securities list? Stock name is grey when I try to add. All other securities can add normally. Thanks!

I have not this stock my list before.

I found the reason. I have had this first one, “Microsoft DL-,…” in my list. I removed it, and now I can add normal MSFT also. I think reason is that Symbol is same.

Yes, that’s it, see „Übernehmen“ ausgegraut in Ergebnisliste der Wertpapiersuche - #15 by chirlu

They are the same. What you call the “non-normal” one just spells out the nominal value per share, which after many splits is $0.00000625.

Thanks for information!