A specific time Rate of return Chart?


I track my NW and portfolio value in this software and I don’t know how to show my degiro portfolio rate of return for a specific time period :confused: I would like to know what how much % gain I made yty.

The performance indicator shows me only 5% when in reality I made around 22% (19k transfers and 6k in gains)

Thank you!

Can the filter function help you? (icon with funnel)

Hi. Yes I can use the funnel but which of these is my true rate of return without the transfers?

I would like to know how much of a %gain I had from the start of investing to the end of 2019 and compare it to sp500.

Also why do I have such a big jump in the first day of my investing? Is it becasue it is tracking the change from 0 to my first stock allocation?

It might be your cash injection into equities if you’re tracking cash and your portfolio differently.