Ability to sync mobile dashboard

Any planned to sync mobile dashboards across the devices?

In ioS, it could be iCloud. Or to support all platform, if .portfolio saves mobile dashboard so that it sync to all devices after reload it.

For now the mobile app is read only. One thing which got observed during the beta is the fact, people are building different dashboards then on desctops.
And the last and probably most important thing, working with the portfolio while the file is stored on a cloud drive sometimes breaks the portfolio file without any notice or given reasson.

So in summary, I’d say no, not in the near future.

Thanks for the clarifications!

So, I think syncing the dashboard with iCloud may be a way around it.

Not necessarily, as we have seen people failing with iCloud as well. Not many people but some.

So my personal conclusion based on the experiences in the forum is. Read only works as expected when not working with the file.

Therefore, I do work on my desktop and update my iCloud version roughly once a month or after quite some activities.

I see! Maybe in future…