Actual value does not equals quote

I’m unsure about the meaning of „Actual Value“ or that I may have found a bug

Reason I ask is because I’ve being using portfolio performance to keep track of my loans from p2p loan platforms.

I do this as follows:

  • Created the loans under securities and under „taxonomies“ gave them the Asset Class Loans
  • Created a deposit account for the cash that goes into the p2p platforms
  • Created a securities account for the loans
  • Then I „purchase“ a loan for example 1 share of the loan for 2000 EUR (no fees,no taxes) and place it under my p2p platform securities account.
    All is well:

    But then something happens that I don’t understand when I click on Asset Classes, my 2000 EUR loan now shows actual value of 2195?

    Thank you for reading

Looking at the difference, I assume your main currency is USD and not EUR. The 2195.8 is the value of your loan in USD.

Note the „EUR“ next to the value in the first picture: that depicts a different-than-main currency. There is no EUR in the second picture.

Yes @SDL ,
I did some digging after I posted and you are right. My Base currency is in USD since I purchase most of my stocks in the US. (even if I’m based in the EU, I don’t want my stock performance to be „muddled“ by currency fluctuations which I can’t do anything about.)

Since I don’t want actual value to be converted to USD for my Loans since they are in EUR I’ll probably end up creating a separate portfolio file for loans with the base currency in EUR. Sad I won’t be able to see everything in one overview but that’s just the way it is.

So I created a copy of my db file, and changed the base currency in the .xml from USD to EUR.
Then I deleted everything out of the EUR-file except the loans and now everything looks good!

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