Add exceptions for special dividends? (or ignore?)

Pennon (PNN.L) just made a special dividend payment and now my stats look like this:

Is it possible to add an “ordinary dividend” vs “special dividend” difference? And give user the ability to ignore special dividends?

Yeah, that messes up your data. I’ll PM you my bank account details and you can transfer it to me. :slight_smile:

Maybe it can go into a special distributions account so normal distributions can be analysed.


if anyone faces a similar “problem” as flywire suggested I created a new deposit account called “special dividends” where I redirected this transaction to. And then I did a cash transfer between special dividends account and the usual one.

Then I created a filter on dividends screen where I selected every account except special dividend one.

Now the stats are back to being humanly reasonable :slight_smile: